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Cyber risk is now the #1 business risk

Cyber risk is growing fast and has now become the first business risk.

Hackers target all kind of companies, with devastating consequences.

Don't let a hacker ruin your efforts, protect your team, and focus on your business.

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Business Risk


ransomware attacks in 2020


of SMBs bankrupted 6 months following an attack


of businesses are attacked each year


of annual revenue loss: the cost of a serious attack


Average cost of data breach

Human is at the core of cyber risk

Human is at the core of cyber risk

95% of cyber attack start with a human error, especially due to phishing.

Continuously train your workforce to avoid these costly & deadly attacks.

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Traditional & manual training fails

Manually sending a couple of basic simulation not only doesn't work, it will even make the matter worst.

User will think they "know" how to spot an attack and will lower their guards.

It takes a comprehensive approach to deeply change behaviors.

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