Phishing Simulation

Train your teams all year long with phishing and spear-phishing simulation campaigns. All automated. 

Discover why top teams rely on Mantra to train their employees

Real life contextualized attacks. Not trivial phishing simulations.

Forget sending the same simulation email to everyone in the company.
We train users with unexpected, contextualized and targeted fake phishing emails, like hackers do.

Your teams are trained in real conditions to face the most dangerous attacks, not with easy-to-spot and boring simulations.

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Automated Phishing Simulation Engine. No hassle.

You can't manually create unique campaigns for each of your employees.

Our platform leverages technology to make it possible.

Train your whole workforce with unprecedented efficiency, without having to do any effort.

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Engage your team with gamification.

Engaging users about security can be a burden.

We believe cyber security should be fun & engaging for all users.

Our gamified user portal reward users and strongly stimulate engagement among your team.

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Build a threat-reporting culture.

Make the reporting of phishing threat a reflex and protect your whole company.

Immediately get visibility into current attacks impacting your company.

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Reporting Dashboard & Analytics.

Assess your organization maturity and record progress within your company.

Identify performance gaps by department, or location, and focus your awareness effort where it is the most needed.

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Reporting Dashboard
Automation & Integration

Automation & Integration

Integrate in minutes within your Office 365 or Gsuite environment and directly benefit from all our functionalities.

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