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Phishing is the #1 attack vector and human vulnerability is the easiest way to hack any organization.

As hackers continuously bypass technological barriers, humans become your main defense layer.

Empower your employees against hackers, with the first all-in-one phishing simulation and cybersecurity awareness platform.

Discover why top teams rely on Mantra to train their employees

Users are the #1 attack vector. But teams are not ready.

90% of cyber attacks such as data breach, ransomware or CEO-Fraud, originate in phishing or the exploitation of human vulnerability. 

When companies run on secured servers, the easiest way to hack a company is to hack the human element.

But with more than 30% of collaborators clicking on phishing attacks, teams are not ready.

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of cyber attacks start with users

Microsoft Digital Defense Report

of malwares are delivered via email

Verizon Data Breach
Investigation Report
>30 %

of users click on phishing emails

FBI Internet Crime Report

Ransomwares delivered by email

  • Anti-Spam

    Sandbox Evasion, Compromised domains, DMARC enabled, Public Services, etc.
  • MFA (SMS, Push)

    Man-In-The-Middle, SIM Swapping, SSO, Man-In-The-Browser, etc.
  • Anti-virus/EDR

    Cloud only, Fileless attacks, In-Memory, EDR evasion, etc.
  • Firewall

    Irrelevant Protection

There is no technological silver bullet. You need a human layer.

Advanced Anti-Spam or Multi-factor Authentification ? Hackers have "tricks" to defeat these protections.

The only remaining way to secure your company is to build a powerful human layer.

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Users don't have a masters in cybersecurity. Teach them about cyberdefense, effortlessly.

Forget about videos that people barely play in the background.

Fun and engaging conversations about cybersecurity that are loved by users. 

Your fully customizable cybersecurity awareness program will teach your teams how to protect themselves. 

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Theory cannot replace practice. Train them regularly with attack simulations. 

Theory is necessary. But only with practice will lasting habits be developed. 

You can't manually create unique campaigns for each of your employees - and do it over and over again. 

Our platform makes it possible to automatically train them with unexpected, contextualized and targeted fake phishing emails, like hackers do.

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Building a cyber security culture is hard. Easily engage your employee.

Clicking on links is deeply rooted in users' behavior.

Building a threat-reporting culture requires a mindset change that is hard to achieve.

We leverage nudge, gamification and other psychological tactics to boost your users' vigilance, without effort.

Test your team for free

Secure your team. As you would secure your servers

Your servers are patched and not open to the outside world.

But what's the point if your users are not secured?

Continuous training is the only way to keep them aware of last phishing tactics observed in the wild and keep their attention high.

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What our users say about us

  • Sofia Milner
    Arnaud Bonvallet
    VP of Information Technology @Dataiku
    “Mantra is the best way to train your users against phishing: targeted & realistic attacks, easy to deploy on 3 continents, and most importantly, loved by our users. All of this, automated.”
  • Alex Bridgerton
    Guillaume Seigneuret
    CISO @Lifen
    "Humans are clearly one of the weakest link in any organization's security. Mantra enables me to train my users in real conditions with targeted campaigns without any effort. A must-have in the CISO toolbox !”
  • Alex Bridgerton
    Youen Chéné
    CTO @Saagie
    "Finally a solution against phishing that works. We previously tried other ways to train our users, which failed. It has even become a game within the company to spot the simulations from Mantra"

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