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Turning your team into a key security asset, finally.

With 80% of attacks leveraging all kinds of human errors, it has become a widespread opinion - if not a cliché - that “security is everyone’s responsibility”.

But despite years of corporate awareness & training, employees still get hacked, companies still get breached, and IT & Security teams still have a hard time involving their users in cybersecurity.

Corporate videos, basic phishing training, simplistic messages... the answer we have given so far to this pressing issue is both unengaging for users and restrictive from a security standpoint.

It only scratches the surface of how users interact with security, how they can be leveraged, and fosters a divide between collaborators and security teams.

At Mantra, we believe that users can - and should - be an unparalleled asset in your cybersecurity. This should represent a strong defense, both to prevent breaches from occurring, of course, but also in the aftermath of a breach when your company has been hacked.

We strive to create innovative security approaches that always put the user first, and we partner with the best organizations who want to turn their teams into a key security assets, finally.

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