Cybersecurity Awareness

Teach your teams about cybersecurity through fun and engaging conversations

Discover why top teams rely on Mantra to train their employees

Captivate your teams with content that they love. 

Forget about videos that people barely play in the background. 

Our fun and engaging conversations about cybersecurity are loved by our users. 

With an easy-to follow conversation format, user interactions and a touch of humor, your teams will enjoy learning about cybersecurity. 

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Content that users love

Engage them with an interactive chat format. 

Short, interactive and amusing courses covering the basics of cybersecurity. 

Integrated in the tools your teams already use: Slack, Teams or via a web application. 

Get your teams started with cybersecurity conversations!

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Escape one-size-fits-all with fully customizable tutorials.

Each company has its rules, guidelines and vocabulary. 

Our courses cover the basics of cybersecurity, but are entirely customizable in only a few clicks. 

The best thing? You can also create one from scratch in as little as 5 minutes. 

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An automated cybersecurity awareness engine.

Choose which courses should be assigned, from the basics of cybersecurity to spear-phishing, CEO fraud and Multi-Factor Authentication. 

Courses are then sent throughout the year, at the frequency you pick. 

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A program that is actually followed. Track the progress of your teams.

Assess your organization's maturity and record progress within your company.

Follow the deployment of your cybersecurity awareness program and any gaps within teams. 

Completion rate of over 80% (vs an industry standard of 50% for cybersecurity awareness).

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Automation & Integration

Automation & Integration

Integrate in minutes within Microsoft Teams, Slack or in-browser via a web application. 

Launch your cybersecurity awareness program in a few clicks. 

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